Sizzling Sao Paulo

Sizzling Sao Paulo


Continuing with our theme of hot getaways, next up is Sao Paulo, Brazil. This city down south is known as one of the world’s top destinations for gays that seek nightlife fun and romantic endeavours. Whether your desires are to get away from the cold with a loved one or get dirty in the nightlife scene, there will be something for every type of man. Every June the city is host to the biggest pride parade celebration in South America - a must on any gay’s list. OH! And the boys, boys, boys, boys of course! That’s the most important part!



The first thing to know is where to stay. If you want to be somebody or “appear” to be somebody, the area to stay in is known as Jardins. This is the area where all the gay clubs are located and where the gay shopping area exists. It’s also known as the most expensive area in Sao Paulo so live your bougie life queens! And don’t forget to bring your sugar daddy. 



Certain world renown clubs to check out are the Lions club for our dirty thirties crowd and the Brazilian-themed party known as “Gambiarra,” as well as the award winning D-Edge. On Saturdays, a club known as The Week attracts the biggest crowd (mostly young twinks and jocks) so if that suits your tastes, head on over! For the cruising type, cruise on over to “Flexx” where you’ll be sure to find something or……..someone. This is especially good if you can’t use Grindr because you didn’t opt for the International data plan on your phone! 



Our advice would be to get the data because the Grindr scene is just as sizzling and bring your Jock Depot undies! You have to compete and impress the local talent in Sao Paulo and the competition is stiff……literally! Below are some options in order to impress!  





One of the places for a best night guaranteed is Blue Space. This venue is home to a unique style of drag that is specific to Sao Paulo. It is known as the “transformistas” and combines amazing costumes, excellent staging and dripping hot gogo boys that are sure to make any man go loco. More venues to check out are Eagle Sao Paulo, Club Yacht, Bubu Lounge, Metropol Bar, and ABC Bailao. Expect to party into the wee hours of the morning with most clubs getting busy around 1am and not closing until close to 7am! SO go live your best life! Once you’re done at the club, head over to Thermas Lagoa, the hottest gay sauna in Brazil, to encounter your dreamy man of choice. 



If indeed you are interested in seeing the city during the day (obviously depending on how hungover you are) check out Museu de Arte, Teatro Municipal, Museu de Arte Contemporanea, and Pinacoteca do Estado to take in a little South American art culture. Other shopping areas besides Jardins include Itaim Bibi and Vila Madalena for designers and independent stores that reflect the culture of Sao Paulo. 


          Teatro Municipal, Sao Paulo 


        Sao Paulo, Brazil 


Whatever you do just remember to soak up the latin heat in every way! Next stop: Rio de Janeiro!