About Us

Jock Depot Vision and Mission 

Jock Depot is dedicated to celebrating the beauty in everyone and highlighting the importance of diversity. Understanding that we are all different and beautiful in our own ways, and that beauty is a standard attainable by all.

Founder Matt Viviano was inspired to create Jock Depot from his own journey of embracing self love and acceptance.

Developing the confidence that he could be his authentic self and also be accepted by the LGBTQ+ Community was a process that took time, due to harsh realities of how GBTQ Men are represented in queer media.

In a world where generations of folks have been forced to idealize their beauty in the eyes of another, Matt’s experience of accepting his authenticity and beauty was all about reclaiming his body and understanding that beauty has many shapes, shades, and styles.

Matt’s vision for Jock Depot is to be a beacon to illuminate the truth that, no matter what your personal expression is, you are valid and gorgeous. 

Mission - To deliver a high quality, sustainably and ethically sourced product that is from a proudly Canadian and Gay owned company. As Canada stands for inclusion and diversity, so does Jock Depot. The JD Standard is one of sensuality. Classy, yet sassy. Sexy, and bold. Jock Depot's Mission is to elevate the GBTQ Male’s standard of underwear to embrace a product that truly represents an inclusive, diverse, and loving community.

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